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Global Warming Needs a New Name!
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Mar 27, 2014
Prize #1: $1000
The title "Global Warming" allows skeptics to argue that the earth's temperature constantly rises and falls. We need a new name that captures the essence of the problem and silences the critics.
It's true, the earth's temperature has been rising and falling for eons. In fact, much of North America was covered in ice a mere 20,000 years ago. Skeptics of "Global Warming" site this fact as one of their main arguments against man made global climate change. Since the earth's temperature has always been rising and falling, it's silly to think that humans have anything to do with it!

Well, it's not silly. We live in a world of physical laws. You cannot have an action and not expect a reaction. The laws of cause and effect are immutable. If you burn wood, there will be smoke. If you burn oil, there will be carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. If you feed cows grain (an unnatural food source), they will release methane. When you cut down all the trees, something is going to happen (both in the air and with the soil). When you fish the oceans bare, there will be an effect. When you use up all the fresh water, there will be some future reaction. Cause, effect. Using this logic, it's not a matter of whether or not we are causing "Global Warming." Something is happening. The real question becomes, what are the measurable consequences of our actions?

"Global Warming" is a passive label. We need an active that doesn't instantaneously give critics a logical edge in the war of ideas. There are consequences to our actions, and we believe the new label should capture this fact. Once we eliminate the core messaging problem with "Global Warming", we will force critics to engage the real issue (consequence) global warming set out to address in the first place, one that continues to get neglected because we are losing the war of words.

We need to reframe the debate! Will you help?

Once we come up with a new label, we are going to actively pursue the leaders of the "Global Warming" movement (like James Hansen, who we know) and implore them to use the new name as a marketing tool to help reignite and reframe the debate.

We look forward to your submissions.

The IM Team

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