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Stop accidents at intersections
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Apr 2, 2014
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Over 50% of all traffic accidents occur at intersections. Many of those accidents happen when people blow through yellow lights when someone else is making a left turn. Can you help?
What can be done about one of the main causes of car accidents? You know the one, when the light turns yellow and you gun it, only to see someone else making the left turn in front of you! It happens all the time and it costs people time, money, and often their lives. Governments tried to solve the problem by putting cameras at targeted lights with high rates of accidents. But this didn't solve the problem. For one, it isn't a cost effective solution (the cameras lose money). And secondly, it created a whole new set of accidents...people slamming on their breaks only to be rear-ended by the person behind them.

What can be done here? We are looking for ideas for how to decrease these types of accidents. Maybe a design for a new type of sign that can be hung from traffic lights? We want to hear all your ideas. We will take the best ones to the CA DMV and see if we can get them implemented. Many lives, and lots of money are at stake.

Good luck!


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