Business Development - Competition Details

Product/Service Ideas for Cars
Major Automotive Company
Feb 25, 2013
Prize #1: $1000
A major automotive company is willing to pay you $1,000 for every new product or new service idea that you come up with that they deem good enough to pursue (up to 10 winners).
A major automotive company has reached out to Idea Marketplace to help them generate innovative ideas for the connected cars of the future. They are offering $1000 for each idea they pursue (i.e. research and develop further). So get your creative juices flowing, it’s time to get paid for your great ideas.

Here are the parameters: The company is interested in new product or new service ideas (or significant improvements on existing products and services) which better connect cars to the world around them (this could be mobile devices like smartphones, other personal electronics, other cars, transportation infrastructure, or anything else). In the coming years, the car will become smarter and more connected to the world around it. This major car company wants to be on the leading edge of this revolution in automotive innovation. We are looking for new application ideas, new ways for you to interact with your car, new ways for you to communicate with your car, new ways for your car to communicate with your surrounding environment, etc. This can be related to gps, music, texting/emailing, traffic, entertainment, safety, device charging, or anything else. Don’t be afraid to geek out on this. The edge of innovation is infinite. All ideas will be considered.

Deadline: Monday, February 25th. Winners will be notified by Monday, March 4th.

Best of luck!

The company will pick the winners, if any, and we will contact the winners directly, and send the checks accordingly.