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Homemade solar panels
August 10, 2011
Although many household devices use too much energy to be powered by small, homemade solar panels, some (heaters, fans, etc.) certainly fit the bill of lower consumption. What are some creative way...
Kavan McEachern
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How to stop junk mail
January 19, 2012
I throw away a ridiculous amount of paper that I did not ask for and do not want. But it still comes! How can we stop this nonsense? I'd pay them to stop if I could (a missed opportunity for the...
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Practical ways to conserve energy!
May 25, 2011
We are looking for the best ideas to 'practically' save energy. Hopefully, when centralized, people will adopt more of these ideas than just one or two.
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Reduce air pollution
April 4, 2013

Put the filter in the exhaust system of cars in cities like Tehran
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abolfazl montazeri
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