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How to Sell Your Idea to a Big Company

Do you have what you think is a great idea and would like to make a profit off of it by selling it to a big business or company? If so, then you may be wondering how to go about pitching and presenting your idea while protecting your personal rights in the process. If you are new to the process of selling your ideas, then taking the time to follow a few basic steps will give you the best chances of making money off your idea without being taking advantage of in the process.

Make Sure it Has Not Been Done

Regardless of what your idea is, you will need to begin by making sure that it is completely original. Even if you think you have come up with the idea completely on your own, there is still a chance that there are other patented ideas out there that are similar to yours and that you could end up in a world of legal trouble if you try to duplicate these ideas, even if you do so unknowingly.

Consider Taking Out a Provisional Patent

After you have made sure that your idea is completely original and that the concept is workable and actually feasible, you might feel the need to rush and take out a patent. However, as a way of saving money while still keeping yourself protected, you may actually want to bypass the more expensive and comprehensive patent by taking out what is known as a provisional patent; this will keep you and your idea protected for one year while you pitch it to possible investors or buyers.

Prepare a Pitch for Your Product

Once you have completed the necessary paperwork to get your patent, you should consider who you will want to pitch your idea to. If you have connections to any specific big companies in the field, consider starting there by sending an e-mail or making a phone call requesting a meeting with the company's investors. From there, you will need to prepare a presentation to give during the meeting, as this is generally expected.

In your presentation, you must be specific not only about what your idea is and what kind of work it would entail to make happen, but you should also have specific figures and numbers regarding expenses and projected income that could be made off of it in the future. From there, you may receive a decision on the spot or the company may contact you with a decision later on. Good luck!