About Us

About Us

WHAT is Idea Marketplace?

Create + Connect + Disrupt

Idea Marketplace is an innovation matchmaker. We connect people's great ideas to the brands and companies that can profit from them. The seed of innovation must be planted in the right soil in order to grow, and we make this critical connection possible.

HOW do you do it?

Our platform allows producers of innovative content (i.e. creative people, problem solvers, comedians, collaborators, agitators, idea people, producers, artists…people just like you) to safely showcase and sell their material to the consumers of that innovative content (i.e. brands that understand the value of innovation).

WHAT do you mean by innovative content? What do you sell?

Commercials, commercial concepts, viral video ideas, print ads, new business ideas, new mobile application ideas, new reality TV ideas, marketing strategy ideas, social media strategy ideas, business development ideas, product improvement ideas…to name a few.

BUT isn’t the creative market perfectly efficient?

No. It’s not. It’s totally inefficient. Previously, if you had a great ad idea for Nike, there was no way for you to call Nike and safely sell it to them. Now you do. And in so doing, we accelerate the global process of innovation!

SO Madison Avenue doesn’t have a monopoly on creativity?


Two words…Kevin Willson. Last year Kevin Willson, as aspiring filmmaker, made a brilliant ad for under $3,000 for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest, and he won the USA Today Best Super Bowl ad of the year award. Doritos paid him $1 million for the feat. That’s real value that didn't come from Madison Avenue.

Our goal is to find all the other Kevin Willson’s out there in the world and unite them under one virtual roof to both optimize and monetize our most valuable resource...human ingenuity.

Come join us and see what your creativity is really worth!

-Team IDM